“Over the past 18 months, my resistance strength has increased by over 200%.
…For the first time, I’m looking forward to my next dexascan rather than dreading the downward spiral results.”

— Emma, patient at Bone Life Clinic who used Power Plate as part of her recovery

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Did you know that we stop building bone density by age 30? But it doesn’t have to be all downhill from there. After 30, we are either maintaining or losing bone density. Think of your bones like a bank account. Up to age 30, you were able to deposit money. After 30, you can only withdrawal, or keep the money in the bank. Diet and exercise are how we keep money in our bone density bank. Without them, we are going to be making withdrawals each day. In other words, we can help slow the degeneration of bone mass through both diet and exercise. 


Foods high in calcium, like broccoli, kale, tofu, dairy, and salmon help to prevent bone mineral loss. Vitamin D is another key nutrient for bone health. 


Weight bearing exercise is another important factor in preventing decreases in bone density. Our bodies are constantly adapting to meet the demands we place on it. The more weight bearing exercise we do, the stronger our bones stay.

Power Plate and Bone Density

Power Plate provides a unique way to maintain bone strength. “In an independent study of 116 women, the group using the Power Plate saw a 4.3% increase in bone density while the group that did not use Power Plate lost 1.9% in bone density (Menopause Review).” This is just one of the many benefits Power Plate provides. 

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