About Fit For You

Why Choose Fit For You

Fit For You offers results-based accountability training based on the best scientific research in the field. Using our top of the line technology, we will change your body from the inside out in 90 days or less. We offer limited membership in our small boutique studio, which allows us to provide our clients with personalized attention and care. If you are ready to drastically change your health and your body, then we are ready to help. Our clients see improvements in the following 6 areas:

Bone Density



Viceral Fat



Our Technology

Power Plate

What is a Power Plate and why should you switch to training on the plate? At Fit For You we like to work smarter, not harder! The PrecisionWave technology vibrates 50 times per second, sending tiny vibrations throughout your entire body telling your brain to activate over 600 muscles to stabilize the body while your work out. That means you activate more muscle fibers, increase bone density, flexibility, balance and circulation while improving muscle recovery and injury prevention. You can’t get these benefits doing regular workouts standing on the floor.

We recommend three sessions per week for maximum results, but we can customize a program that fits your needs. Our team is ready to improve your health, wellness and quality of life using Power Plate and Bemer technology. The benefits of Fit For You are endless and we look forward to sharing in your journey.

More about Power Plate.


Bemer Therapy

Better Circulation. Better recovery. Better Performance.

How would more energy change your life?

We all know that improving blood flow, increasing oxygen and detoxing the body is the key to living a healthier and happier life. Thanks to Bemer we can now improve our circulatory system in just 8 minutes a day. All you have to do it lay back, relax and let the Bemer improve your overall health and wellness.

At Fit For You, we have four Bemers available for daily sessions or post workout sessions. The Bemer improves blood flow and circulation at the capillary level to stimulate micro-circulation and increase oxygen flow and nutrient flow to your body while hastening the removal of metabolic waste. Which means you can use the targeted technology to decrease aches and pain, recover from workouts faster, increase daily performance and improve your overall health. Contact us for a free trial session.

Our Trainers

Our Skilled Friendly Trainers

Lydia Dant

Lydia Dant


Lydia is an experienced and certified personal trainer who has helped countless individuals reach their fitness goals. She holds a NASM certification, as well as a master’s degree in public health and a level 1 TPI golf fitness certification. In addition to her formal training qualifications, she has also competed in half and full marathons herself, making her uniquely qualified to help others achieve their own fitness objectives.

Allison Hall

Allison Hall


Allison is a mom of 3 and a devoted trainer who specializes in helping her clients set and reach their fitness goals. Her passion for health and fitness can be seen in the way she interacts with her clients – she always puts their needs first, making sure that they get the best out of each session. She has a knack for making classes enjoyable and fun.

Amy Kennedy

Amy Kennedy


Amy is a long time trainer in power plate and an experienced golfer.

Mitchell & Sarah

We are a powerful wellness studio designed to heal your body, improve energy levels and increase performance in your daily life. We use state of the art technology to improve your balance, strength and flexibility by increasing blood flow in your body with Bemer sessions and activate more muscle fibers with whole body vibration on the Power Plate. Welcome to a health and fitness experience like no other! We are so excited you are going to try out our studio and we look forward to having you join our Fit For You family.

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