1. It saves you time

Whether its mom life, work, or grandparent duties, we all have priorities that compete for our time. We know that exercise is good for us, and will help us have more energy in the long run, but finding time between errands and spending time with the people we care about can be tricky. Because Power Plate increases the intensity and effectiveness of your workout, you can get the same results in a shorter amount of time. Power Plate sessions are 27 minutes. That’s less time in the gym, and more time for everything else.

2. You will see results 

Power Plate targets the most important aspects of your physical fitness: core strength and balance, neuro-muscular activation, bone density, and cardiovascular health. Whether your goal is improving your golf game, rebuilding muscle after a baby, decreasing aches and pains, or keeping up with the grandkids, these core fitness elements are the building blocks of success, and will allow you to reach your goals.

3. It’s Fun!

Bored of the treadmill? Tired of the recumbent bike? Switch up your routine and find out how fun fitness can be! Our vision at Fit For You is to be a supportive community on your fitness journey. Our trained professionals prioritize a safe and comfortable environment. We believe that fitness should be fun, whether that is making friends in a small group training, or receiving targeted training from private sessions, depending on what works best for you.

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